Megan te Boekhorst Enscholar Interview


Megan te Boekhorst is the coach and maker behind the lifestyle brand in a sequoia as well as founder of the Vibrant Lives Foundation. As a goal coach, Megan supports her clients in crafting a vision of their balanced, bliss-filled life and guides them on how to turn that vision into a reality. The Karuna product line she created further works to support living a mindful, intentional life. Today she speaks to us about her personal drive and why she decided not to go down the beaten path.

Tell us how your career story has been unique! With in a sequoia, you paved your own path in regards to becoming a goal coach as well as starting your own small business. What inspired you on this journey?

I learned early on that self-motivation is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. From a young age, I’ve been driven to carve my own path and invest in what I really love to do. I just had to get past the fear I felt that my talents and my creativity weren’t worth any value. Once I worked on that inner confidence, I dove in with both feet and didn’t look back. No one else was going to hold my hand, it all had to come from within and I have to motivate myself every day. The life of a #girlboss is not always glamorous, so we have to push ourselves.

How have you incorporated your strongest interests, values and/or natural strengths into your career? Do your interests align with your career?

Values are the foundation of my coaching style, I find everything comes back to what we value most. So it’s natural that they are central to how I operate my business. When making decisions, I weigh my choices against how they align with my values, because that will ultimately determine how they’ll affect not only in a sequoia, but my life.

Why Karuna–as in, why the name, and why focus on body care? Are both meaningful and value-based for you personally?

Karuna is Sanskrit for compassion. And that’s what the line is: compassion for your body. Each product has its own benefit, but overall the line is designed to heal and comfort. I wanted to create a product line that supported my values and brand. I wanted something that would help my customers achieve balance and take time for themselves. Plus, I have terrible skin that needs a lot of TLC. I won’t lie to you, I also made Karuna to take care of my troublesome skin!

As a self-starter, were you afraid of failure? If so, how were you able to overcome that fear?

I’m still afraid of failure! I don’t know an entrepreneur who isn’t to be honest. Rather than overcoming the fear, we have to learn to not let it control us. Fear can be a good thing. Fear can keep you alive. In my case, the fear of failure is actually something that keeps driving me forward. I do not want to fail, so I won’t let myself. In moments of laziness when I just don’t want to mix product or I don’t want to write that blog post, I think of what would happen if I stopped doing any of it. What would happen to Vibrant Lives? What would happen to my clients? How disappointed would I be in me? What I see when I think those things scare me and I don’t want to see that happen, so off the couch I get!

What piece of advice would you give to students trying to find their own path?

First, follow what truly inspires you. What you are really passionate about. Choosing a career or an education based on what people outside of you find valuable isn’t going to make you happy. Second, but related, is that it is okay to change your mind. When I began university the plan was to be a high school English teacher, then drama teacher, then history academic, then back to English, then non-profits. That was all within the first semester. Now I’m a PR specialist, a goal coach, and the maker behind my own product line. Things will change, and that’s okay.



To book a goal-coaching session with Megan or to check out her soothing line of Karuna products, visit her website at Interested in creating and promoting dialogue about mental health? Check out the Vibrant Lives Foundation and find out how to get involved!


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