jackson cunningham Enscholar Interview


As a successful app builder, growth hacker, web developer, and entrepreneur, Jackson Cunningham is definitely a veteran in the tech and e-commerce field. We had the chance to interview Jackson about his unique and exceptional career path, and get his advice on how to thrive in the entrepreneurial world.

Shortly tell me about your current career.

My background is in e-commerce, startups, and early stage growth. I’m currently focusing on a new e-commerce startup, JJ Suspenders, which offers the best quality and selection of men’s suspenders. We started off as a retailer, but quickly realized the suspenders that exist in the market right now are pretty old fashioned, so we’re in the process of designing and manufacturing our own line for Spring 2016.


How have you incorporated your strongest interests and values, and/or natural strengths into your career?

I realized it’s not some “thing” that I’m interested in, rather the process itself. Growing companies and non-traditional marketing is hugely satisfying for me.
This is something I’m constantly doing with my own projects (i.e. ‘growth hacking’). Just bringing it down to earth,
simplifying the problem, and solving it in small steps. Who are our customers? Where are they? How can we reach them? Reddit? Snapchat? The grocery store? What’s the quickest way to validate our hypothesis?

What is a major mistake/failure you’ve experienced in your path, and how did you recover and learn from it?

When I was younger, I took a more traditional career path because it seemed “safer” and more “professional”. But I JJ Suspenders Logowas spending all my extra time doing these side projects that didn’t even feel like work.

Looking back, I regret not being more honest with myself early on. We live in a crazy time where there is an opportunity in literally every industry – so choosing a path based on the money or prestige doesn’t really make sense anymore.

What advice would you give to the students who are currently trying to enter the e-Commerce or Startup field?

Don’t be a wantrepreneur, just start already. No amount of research or preparation will replace what you’ll learn by actually doing. If you’re bored in your current industry, be honest with yourself and consider switching paths. Lighthouse Labs has a great 2 month program to learn how to code with guaranteed job placement.

To find out more about Jackson’s new venture at JJ Suspenders, check out the company website here.



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